Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Leah!

Today my little girl turned 8.

She woke up excited and we had the traditional birthday breakfast of a cherry cheesecake.

For her first present, she received a Razor A5 Lux Scooter with pink grips and wheels.

She donned a helmet and I took her for her first spin (and fall) on it while walking the dog. The fall was impressive - the Razor fell sideways and she had some good scrapes on her shin and palm, but after just a few tears she shrugged it off and got back to scootering. She's already named it "Hot Wheels".

She also got a Horse Diaries book from Abby as she loves that series.

In additon she got some Waba Fun Kinetic Sand, which is very neat stuff. It's sand but it sticks together so you can make shapes out of it but it also can separate into individual grains of sand. Very neat and an interesting item - you can squeeze it for stress relief, make tunnels into it with your fingers and build sand castles that stay in shape.

A great birthday so far, and more stuff is planned for her today.


Murphy's Law said...

Happy Birthday wishes to a very special young lady.

Old NFO said...

Happy birthday to her! Enjoy!

juvat said...

Happy Birthday, with many more!