Friday, August 15, 2014

Detroit When Felons Get Shot Threatens To Det Riot.

So, after the attempted running over of a police officer, resulting in one of two of the attackers getting shot, criminal supporters threaten to run riot in Detroit.

The Detroit News:Detroit police urging calm after cops shoot suspect, unruly crowd gathers

In light of clashes between citizens and police in Ferguson, Mo., Detroit police officials are taking steps to quell unrest in the city following an incident Wednesday in which an unruly crowd here had to be dispersed after officers shot a suspect.

A crowd gathered near Berkshire and Nottingham on Wednesday after Detroit police officers opened fire on a pair of men when they reportedly tried to run the officers down with their SUV. Police say the officers witnessed the men illegally purchasing a gun.

One of the suspects was shot in the arm and taken to an area hospital. The other man was arrested.

Sounds quite reasonable, trying to run someone over with a vehicle is deadly force and cops may quite fairly respond in kind, especially against presumed felons who are presumably armed.

That didn't stop the locals from taking umbrage and trying to dip in.

In the wake of the incident, the crowd reportedly became so unruly that other units had to be called in to help. Some in the crowd, upset because officers shot one of the suspects, reportedly invoked the situation in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson...

Then Detroit's criminal enabler class stepped up and dipped in:

Ron Scott, director of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, who was instrumental in bringing federal oversight to the city, said there’s still a rift between many citizens and police.

“I think the situation in Ferguson could easily happen here,” he said. “We saw the tip of the iceberg last night, where the smallest thing could spark an incident. People feel disrespected, with the stop-and-frisk policy, and all these militarized raids.

“It happened in ’67, and it could happen now. I’m not hoping for it; I’m not advocating for it, but I’m just saying there’s tension in the street.”

The criminal class in Detoilet doesn't like it when police enforce the laws, and the criminal enabler class feels its power base slipping accordingly and wants to get some media face-time by threatening the possibility of a riot claiming the criminals are feeling disrespected. Both Detroit's criminal and criminal enabler class are quite simply reprehensible.

Interestingly enough, the Detroit Free Press notes the two suspects had an "AK-47" in their possesiona nd its unclear if they fired at the officers, but doesn't mention anything about the unruly crowd beyond saying "Police are also looking for additional people who were in the area at the time of the shooting.". Curious, that.

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