Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hamas Violates Latest Ceasefire For A Perfect Unbroken Breaking Record

Unsurprisingly, Hamas continues to deliberately avoid complying with the terms of any ceasefire agreement.

The Detroit News: Rocket lands in Israel ahead of cease-fire's end

That's 8 ceasefires violated in an unbroken series.

Remember folks, the world expects and demands the Israelis to act as if Hamas will keep it's word when all the evidence shows they don't, and won't. If they can't even respect a 72-hour ceasefire that they asked for themselves, how can anyone credibly believe they'll honor their word on things like not rearming, digging more attack tunnels, or doing more kidnappings and terrorist attacks?


Old NFO said...

Turn the place into rubble and start over...

Expatriate Owl said...

So who are the shmucks, Hamas for breaking the ceasefires, or the Israeli government for not finishing the job?

[My wife and I are now up north in the Galil, away from the Gaza area, but we drove down to Tel Aviv for a meeting yesterday. The streets and sidewalks and shopping malls are all teeming, the traffic on the roads is one big bolagon, and life goes on relatively normally (if life in Israel can ever really be normal) as the Iron Dome ("Kippah Barzel" or just plain "Kippah" in colloquial Hebrew) gives its protection.

Our son got an app for his cellphone that emits a loud blaring signal each time a rocket is launched from Gaza. It never stays totally silent for more than a few hours.].

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, is Israel is going to be castigated no matter what it does, might as well do the job.

Expatriate Owl: Be safe out there and have a great trip. I'd agree that Israel should get the job done and quit fooling around. Be in it to win it until Hamas surrenders.