Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Airborne Obsession Of Murphy's Law - The 0-2 Skymaster

Some men obsess over guns, some cars, some women.

Murphy's Law is continuing his obsession with the 0-2 Skymaster:

A centerline thrust twin engine aircraft built by Cessna, the 0-2 served as an observation and Forward Air Controller Aircraft over the skies of Vietnam. With a push-pull design you can actually shut one engine down and keep flying, or have them both running for more power.

With a maximum speed of 200 mph and a range of 1,3215 miles, I'd reckon it'll take him wherever he wants to go quite a bit faster than in his trusty 172.

He came back after the aerial demonstration finished to talk again with the pilot and admire it:

It turns out the pilot is quite the expert on the 0-2, and assisted in restoring many to flying status on the civilian market. ML got his number, so you know what that likely means.

They are beautiful aircraft, and I suspect one will be tied up on ML's ramp sometime soon, replacing his 172.


Old NFO said...

Oh damn, you didn't drag his ass away??? Sigh...

Aaron said...

I tried. He kept going back like a lovesick puppy.