Monday, August 11, 2014

If It Wasn't For Bad Luck....

I'd have no luck at all.

Today was stormy with flood advisories.

Much flooding on the roads etc, starting around 5:00 pm.

A lot of flooding is ok, but not inside your office, dammit.

It seems the landlord didn't repair the back-flow valve and sump pump system after the flood that took place last year before we moved in. We had been led to believe before signing the lease that it had been taken care of, and considering they had just redone all the carpeting and drywall in the entire basement of the building, it wouldn't make sense to just leave the problem to reoccur, right?

Apparently not.

At 6pm, with my partner and secretary already having left, and just as I was about to leave the office, I heard a gurgling sound from the direction of the bathrooms across the hallway. Then a rushing sound.

Sewer water then came pouring out of both toilets, and the sink in the sump pump room.

It started flowing out, and fast.

I called the building maintenance guy. His repsonse "Dude I'm home and already drinking, can you go in the sump pump room and attach the hose to a pump and pump it into the sink?".

So I went in and let him know the water was pouring out of the sink and there was already a good three inches on the sump pump room floor and water was pouring out the bathrooms.

"Oh" says he. A real great help he was.

The dirty water continued heading inexorably towards our office. I started looking for a kayak.

I called his manager and explained there was flooding.

He said "Well there's lots of flooding on the roads". "Yes", I said, "and that's normal in a heavy storm, but it is not supposed to be flooding inside the frickin' building!"

Needless to say we're not renewing our lease with these guys.

And while I was talking with them, the water came in, and not just through the door, but through the wall nearest the water:

The smell was terrible. Be glad they haven't invented smelli-vision folks.

My favorite shoes were casualties as I raced to unplug equipment, lift computers off the floor and save what files in file boxes I could. Those comfortable yet classy looking shoes are toast.

Everything wooden is apparently going to be a write-off due to the sewage, the fridge is probably dead, and forget about the sofa.

Thank goodness I insisted when my partner's and my practices merged that all files from the start of the merger forward are stored electronically backed up in multiple locations. The office may be toast, the practice is not.

I really didn't need this right now.


juvat said...
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Murphy's Law said...

Damn. I can't even make an appropriate lawyer joke right now, and by rights I should be posting pages full. So I'll just say that it's a pretty shitty thing.

But seriously, you'll make it through this. After everything else, this is nothing.

Spikessib said...

Oh, man, that really sucks. I hope the building manager at least steps up and it is cleaned up before your lease expires.

Keads said...

Damn Aaron. That sucks!

Aaron said...

ML: Yep just another whack just I think things are improving.

Spikessib: Short answer: they won't. Long answer: That's about to be quite an ongoing story - they had been flooded with a sewer back up last year and failed to install a working backflow valve to prevent it after telling us they had done it...

Keads: That it truly does.