Thursday, August 14, 2014

Got Texans?

Thunder Over Michigan had T-6 Texans in abundance, along with the naval variant the SNJ and their Canadian cousin the Harvard.

A RCAF Harvard number 436

And number 407 (it charges a toll every time you fly it)

RCAF Harvards with aircraft numbers 422 and 426 were also present.

Under the British Commonwealth Air Training Program, Harvards taught many a British Commonwealth pilot and crew how to fly over Canadian skies before engaging in combat in Europe. THE BCATP was an incredible success. By the end of the war in Europe, trained 49,707 pilots, 29,963 various navigators, 15,673 air bombers, 18,696 wireless operator/air gunners, 15,700 air gunners and 1,913 flight engineers. The total number of trained aircrew from the BCATP was 131,552.

The US Navy designated the aircraft the SNJ:

Together they roared through the skies.

And flew In elements of four:

And flew solo passes:

And one SNJ got used for some modelling after the flight was done:

The T-6 Texan/Harvard/SNJ was well represented with the largest number of its type both flying and on the ground at the show and they put on a great display. It's a wonderful aircraft to wtch roaring through the skies, and the formation flying skills of these pilots were very impressive indeed.


juvat said...

Great pics! So how about some info on the new camera?

Our airport hosts a quarterly formation flying school, to get these guys their FAA currency and they torment me by flying over my house. This causes me to run outside, look up and sigh in envy. Unfortunately, I've got a very crappy camera so can't get good pics. Recommendations appreciated.

Keads said...

Nice pics! Thanks Aaron! Sorry i could not make it this year.

Aaron said...

Juvat: Thanks! I'll do a post about the camera next. The real secret - get a good lens.

Keads: Thanks, and you've still got an open invitation for next year - August 29-30 - and the Blue Angels will be featured.