Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It's Hard To Be Intersectional

When one part of your intersection is busy bashing another part over the head, rather than joining hands and singing kumbaya, now isn't it?

This post inspired by Earth Bound Misfit's post and comments to same, re the mass killings of Asians in the shooting in California by what almost immediately turned out to be an Asian killer narrative, and her stated relief that it wasn't a Trump supporter that did it.

The left doth love its intersectionality and wants to pull Asians into the fold, now cutely lumping them all together and naming them the "AAPI" - Asian American and Pacific Islander community.  

Of course the many different Asian cultures likely don't want to be lumped together like thus, but hey nobody asked them, right?

But, in the lovely world of intersectional love, and its battle against the patriarchy and white supremacy, there's a little problem and indeed a dirty little secret.

African Americans tend to be the largest source, of physical violence against Asians, well out of proportion to their demographics. 

For example, in San Francisco, 85% of physical violence against Asian Americans is form African Americans.  Now, they try to explain this inconvenient fact away by claiming  that when Blacks attack Asians claim it is due to white supremacy, (yes, really) but that is kinda hard for anyone but the most progressive with blinders on to reject the evidence before their eyes and instead rely on CRT to avoid reality.

San Francisco is indeed not alone:  VOA: Anti-Asian Hate Crime Crosses Racial and Ethnic Lines  

The big problem of course is statisticians in their studies on hate crimes and their desire to show it is a "white supremacy" problem are not breaking out the difference between a white idiot saying"kung flu" to an Asian, and a Black idiot beating them over the head.

These are both not acceptable things, but physical violence is a whole other unacceptable and more dangerous level and degree of difference than merely being a jerk, is it not? 

 So of course, most studies lump them in as one and the same as an amorphous "hate crime" to preserve the narrative.

As one might expect, when you count those acts equally as hate crimes, you get a preferred result as African Americans make up 13% of the population, and White make up around 60%, so in terms of sheer numbers and if you count idiots saying nasty words as equal with asshats bashing people, then of course you will get more whites did bad things by sheer numbers. 

Because the intersecitonality narrative must be maintained at all times.

As noted in Commentary, what the narrative the left wants (and indeed needs) to believe about these crimes simply isn't true: Crime Against Asians Isn’t Due to White Supremacy.

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