Friday, January 27, 2023

So, Who's In Charge Here, Exactly?

Quite the interesting affair is going on that raises some major questions about both government oversight, and who is actually in charge of our government - government agencies or Congress?

ABC News: Senators on intel committee demand to see Biden and Trump docs, in rare bipartisan outrage

Yes, the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, is actually telling the House Intelligence Committee, the Committee that allegedly oversees the DNI and other government intel agencies, that the Committee cannot see what the classified documents are that Trump and Biden actually had in their possession.

In short, we have an executive agency under Congressional oversight refusing to be over-sighted.

Certainly makes one ask: Who is in charge here? 

It also makes one ask: What's in the docs (or in the case of the Trump docs, not in the docs - such as no nuclear secrets anyone?) that they don't want Congress to see?

Is the Biden administration directing thee DNI to make the denial and directly blocking Congress from doing its job as the documents would prove rather embarrassing both to the anti-Trump narrative and to Biden?  Or, is this a case of a government agency deciding that it can do whatever it wants without any proper oversight all on its own?

I mean, the only valid reason to not do so is a risk of a leak of the docs to a foreign power (assuming Biden and Hunter haven't already sent them on) and now that Eric Swallwell is off the Committee the risk of a direct pass-through to Chinese intelligence is much lessened, even with other Democrats still on the committee. 

How this gets resolved is going to be quite the  insight on how the Federal government is actually run today.

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Old NFO said...

Power corrupts, we all know that. AND YES, how it gets resolved IS going to be interesting!