Thursday, January 26, 2023

Will It Stay Or Will It Van Gogh?

The Van Gogh at the DIA case continues.

In Federal District Court in Detroit, the Judge dismissed the case by the Brazilian collector against the DIA. The judge ruled against his claim that the DIA need to surrender the artwork by Van Gogh, “The Novel Reader” on the basis that it had been stolen from the collector under still unclear circumstances.

The Court properly ruled that the Immunity from Seizure Act prevented the work from being seized from the museum.

Interestingly, the Brazilian Collector had apparently failed to even report the $3.5-$5 million dollar painting had been stolen.  The story of the dismissal of the case doesn't reveal if there is even any record that he had purchased it in the first place. The collector has filed an appeal.

So, it would seem that now the painting could indeed Gogh on its way now that the exhibit is coming to a close.

But wait, there's more.

The 6th Court of Appeals has just released an order that The Novel Reader is to remain at the DIA pending the appeal: The Detroit Free Press: Appeals court to DIA: Hold onto disputed Van Gogh painting, despite end of exhibit

While great art moves you, this piece of great art isn't moving for now.

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