Saturday, November 06, 2021

Knife Attack On A German Train: Don't Mention The I-Word

As one imagines, the motive will likely never be known and is terribly unclear.

The Detroit News: Knife attack on German train severely injures 3 people

A knife attack on a high-speed train in Germany left three people severely wounded, the Bavarian Red Cross said Saturday. Police said a man has been arrested in connection with the morning attack.

The train, one of Germany’s high-speed ICE trains, was traveling between the Bavarian cities of Regensburg and Nuremberg at the time of the attack. A spokesperson for the Bavarian Red Cross, which had 110 responders at the scene, said the organization processed three “severely injured” people.

A 27-year-old Syrian man was arrested in Seubersdorf, where the train stopped after the attack, Bavarian state police told The Associated Press. The injured people came from the Regensburg and nearby Passau areas, state police said.

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Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said the background behind the “terrible” attack was “still unclear.” 

 It's unclear when you decide not to look, isn't it?


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

*wow* they have Amish over there too? Must be Rumspringa again....<Sarc

Germany has an islam problem, Mutti Merkel imported a bunch of them and you cannot say anything bad or the German state piles on you. If there is a confrontation between a German and a "Refugee", the German is blamed and thrown into the court system 9 times out of 10 unless it is really obvious that the Refugee attacked then the state is forced to side with the German. I have friends over there and they tell me this stuff, there are places that they cannot go , there are "mini Mogadishu's" in German cities where the cops won't go. The muslim influence is strong enough and the German pander enough that they have tried to scale back *Octoberfest* because beer and Drndels are offensive to the "Refugees" and they bitch about it. But they want to come to Germany because of the social benefits but have ni interest in acclimating to German culture,

Sorry about the rant

Old NFO said...

Of course you can't say that... sigh

Nuke Road Warrior said...

I'm surprised they actually mentioned the attackers nationality.