Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Weird Supply Chain Shortages

In today's episode of stores being out of certain things we have the latest local shortage to report:

Distilled Water.

Yep, distilled water was nowhere to be found within quite a radius as Kroger, CVS, etc were all out if it.

Had my Dad over for the weekend and he needs distilled water for his CPAP machine and none was to be found.  Fortunately we had a reserve supply and he had some with him so it all worked out but I've never seen the shelves completely bare of distilled water.  Other water was there and in plenty so it wasn't some weird panic buy - just a nice local shortage and a need to lower expectations or something.

A good visit was had, and he's off to his warm location for the winter.


Scott said...

I'm pretty sure you can use the Reverse-osmosis water in a CPAP also. My in-laws had an RO system at their house so I always used that for my machine when I was there. Meijer usually has an RO machine where you can fill your own containers.

Old NFO said...

Yep, short supply down here too.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

A few months ago, during "The Great Toilet Paper Shortage" distilled water was hard to come by here in East Idaho. I too use it for my CPAP. The supply seems to have gotten better, but I just ordered a gallon for my weekly grocery delivery, so I'll see tomorrow if I get it. I don't understand why distilled water is scarce, you shouldn't drink it long term (no essential minerals, and it tends to leech out those mineral from your body), and nobody uses steam irons any more. I would think the demand is fairly constant.

juvat said...

Just got back from the Supermarket, Aaron. 3 pallets full of Distilled water. Maybe we can work out a swap. Diet Pepsi for Distilled Water? Live on the Dark Side Aaron, a little black market trading huh?