Friday, November 05, 2021

Not Flying - Simulator And PSI Connectivity Woes

Finally did the simulator lesson today.

Overall, it was not bad, and I did a bunch of localizer back-course approaches.  At least it went well until we went to do partial panel.  A simulator compass and simulator VOR receiver and a super sensitive turn and bank indicator  combined to make it truly suck.

On the upside, I wasn't death gripping the controls, and am developing a lighter touch, so there's that.  We'll see if it translates to flying next week.

For the written test, I'm finally, after a ton of studying, at the point where I'm ready to take it.  So, I was trying to sign up last night to take it, but PSI's link to the FAA was down. 

It was also down all day today.  Of course they don't say it's down, just that your attempt to setup an account cannot establish eligibility. Had to call their support line several times to get through. Why they need a connection to the FAA to let you sign up on their system to take the test is kinda questionable.

It finally came back up tonight, so I was able to go in and register.

So instead of taking the test tomorrow like I'd planned, the earliest I could now schedule for was Monday.  Rather annoying as I'm really ready now.

That's 2.0 simulated instrument time.

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