Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Not Flying - Oral Check-Ride Study Session

Tonight I had a pre-checkride oral exam with Alec, a nice, thorough and good instructor Ive flown with before who clearly wants me to do well. He wasn't doing it as some kind of rote approach but actively worked on what I need to know and to see how much I know and where he can help fill in the gaps. Like i said a good instructor.

Started with the areas of the three question I got wrong on the written test and I did just fine. At least one of the mistakes, if not two of them, were due to how the questions were worded so I had no trouble explaining the concepts and regulations properly in those areas.

Moved on to weather in detail and then onto the Low Level IFR map symbology. Yep I learned things in those areas tonight as after all, I sure as heck don’t know nor remember everything.

He then had me prepare an IFR flight plan and he liked how I did it.  

Went on to discuss loss of communication protocols - which I have down solidly - and some other areas that broadened and refined my knowledge and that was that. 

He then gave some advice on what to bring to the checkride and to prepare for it and then signed me off with all excellent scores on the oral prep.

Quite a useful lesson, and I'll take it as a sign that I'm getting closer to the finish line.  After all, it has to be out there somewhere, right?

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