Sunday, November 28, 2021

Another Attack That Will Soon Be Buried

As in the case of the BLM supporter Darrell Brooks in Waukesha Wisconsin who killed six so far and whose culpability is being quickly buried and downplayed by the media, there was a recent incident in Kalamazoo that's about to get similar treatment.

The Detroit News: Police fatally shoot man who wounded 3 bus passengers in SW Michigan

The Detroit Free Press:  At least 3 hurt, gunman wounded in Kalamazoo bus station shooting

You'll note neither story fails to mention a salient fact about the attacker and the motive remains unclear.  Funny that.


B said...

If he was white, it matters, if Black or Muslim, then, of course, it doesn't.

I wonder what the percentage is, by race and/or culture, of violence?

Aaron said...

B: FBI crime stats are kinda interesting and give some but not all of that data.