Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Not Flying - On The Schedule, What Schedule?

So this IFR training has been taking so long that my recurring scheduling for lessons for it at DCT apparently ended without my knowing it.

As a result, I went to DCT this morning for what I thought was a simulator lesson to find out not so much, as I'm not on the schedule at all.  Ooops.

Welp, now back on staring this Friday, but the only opening for my instructor on Tuesdays is now 6:00 pm instead of 10:30 am.  On the upside, this will get me current again for night flying and right quick, so there's that.

I plan to do the final studying for the f'ing written test this week, and take it this weekend to get it done and out of the way.

Then I need to tidy up my flying, get ready for the oral and check ride.

Then comes the quandry re a check-ride examiner.  DCT tends to use a certain examiner. The upside to using him is that DCT really teaches exactly to his style of check-ride.    They know how he runs his check-ride, where he goes and what he will do.

Downside - I had an absolutely no-good, very bad, horrible experience with him for my private check-ride and I really don't think I want to use him for my instrument as a result.

As such, I think it's probably better I go with a different examiner so I need to arrange that. Then comes the question that dsince I'm not using their preferred examiner,  do I use their plane or my flying club's plane.  Quandaries, quandaries.  Should not need to worry about this, but here we are.

Well the drop dead point for getting my IFR cert is January 12, for reasons which will be clear in time, so either I get it by then or to hell with it.


B said...

If possible, use the plane(s) you trained in.

Old NFO said...

Concur with B. And starting uncomfortable is NOT the way to start...

Aaron said...

B: Both the club Archer and their Archers have essentially the same layout. Only difference is club archer has an autopilot and does not have a turn coordinator indicator separate from the twin G5s, while theirs lack the A/P and has a separate turn coordinator so it's pretty close. Probably still use DCT's N5337F as I've flown it the most recently, but our club plane is nicer.

Old NFO: Yep, I figure a different examiner is the way to go.

B said...

If there is an AP, the examiner might make you fly approaches with it.