Friday, November 26, 2021

Flying IFR - Lesson 37 - Flying With A Scattering Of Snow

Prior to heading out for my flying lesson, I had a turkey wing for breakfast. This was rather appropriate and it fortified me nicely for my flying lesson.

A nice cold and crisp day at the airport.  Complete with pilot reports of icing starting in the clouds around 3,000 feet.

So below 3,000 we would stay.

Did the preflight of N8570F in the hangar, which was nice as it was out of the cold wind and made the preflight most pleasant.

I can't believe it but no one else has mentioned that when they're flying this plane they have Zero Foxtrots to give, or they're all out of Foxtrots while flying it.  Apparently I'm the first to draw that conclusion.

Mirabile dictu, both runways were fully open at Pontiac. About time and we almost have no idea what to do with all the time saved from not doing long convoluted taxiing. 

Anyways, had a good takeoff in a  decent crosswind and off to Flint in a bit of a snow-shower so we hung around 2,700 feet to avoid the icing waiting in the clouds above.  Then to Flint for first the ILS 27, followed by the VOR 36 Circle to 27.  Overall really good, just got to lock down my altitudes a bit tighter, and tighten the hold, and yes I did the entry for it correctly but need to be a little tighter on the entry with the wind.  Not bad.  Went missed for both and headed to Pontiac for the dreaded partial panel Localizer Back Course 27L.

The first Localizer Back Course 27L went quite well and I had everything nice and dialed in remembered everything, had a great approach, and went missed. Partial panel presented no partial problems.

Then on the second one we had a jet behind us so we had to do everything a fair bit faster as requested by ATC.  Again not bad.  Then tower had us sidestep to Runway 27R so the jet could come in on 27L. Having two runways again presented such a delightful plethora of choices.  So over to 27R I went, and I did just an excellent landing in a gusty crosswind.  I really was rather pleased with how nice that landing was, I mean it was just perfect and a great way to end the lesson - I need to eat more turkey wings, it seems.

Looks like I'm getting closer.  DCT is fretting that I don't want to use their preferred examiner because they really know what he does on a checkride and kinda teaches to his preferences.  So I can see their point.  But, and it's a big but, I had a lousy experience with their guy on my private and am still not really comfortable with their guy.  I may be overthinking this but in any case I'm going to call a DPE that has been recommended to me and see what his availability might be. Terrible rumor I just heard is the DPE that was suggested to me flies south for the winter, and if that's the case I'm screwed.  Update - Yes,I am indeed screwed as he's not booking any more check rides for the year.  Now looking for alternatives.

That's 1.7 with 1.5 simulated instrument, 4 approaches, one hold and a really nice landing.