Sunday, February 09, 2014

Prosecutor's Office Declines To Press Charges, Clears Detroit Officer In Backyard Dirty Dancing Shooting

Back in July 2012, I noted in regards to the Adaisha Miller shooting, that dirty dancing, floppy holsters and feeling a cop, rather than copping a feel are a bad mix.

The story then was that she was hugging him low from behind and squeezing him around the waist when the firearm carried by him off-duty in a floppy nylon IWB holster went off, probably from her inadvertently squeezing the trigger.

The investigation is now complete and the Wayne County Prosecutors Office is declining to press any charges against the officer.

The Detroit News: Detroit officer cleared in backyard shooting death

There's not a lot of information at the linked article as to what the results of the investigation were, other than that there was insufficient evidence for any charges. Most likely the investigation showed the evidence matched the story given at the time and that the shooting was a result of Ms. Miller's unintentional trigger manipulation resulting in her shooting herself with the officer's firearm.

It would be helpful if the report indicated that the investigation revealed the incident was indeed as originally reported, with the victim dirty dancing with the officer, grabbing him about the waist and accidentally firing his firearm. The story seems to match the July ballistics evidence that the shot hit her in the chest traveling downward, suggesting she was behind him and at or below waist level.

Regardless, it's a warning not to carry in a floppy holster where the trigger can be reached by another party regardless of whether they're dirty dancing, joking around, copping a feel or actually assaulting the firearm carrier.

I'd suggest at the very least carrying using a MIC Holster or the Vanguard 2 Holster. I think after wearing it consistently for months now the Vanguard 2 is even better than the MIC. But either will do if you're looking for a minimalist holster - and both of these are quite inexpensive and both cover the trigger completely, preventing a squeeze-off incident or other accidental discharges. Beyond those, there's tons of other solid quality holsters out there, whether from Raven Concealment, Blade Tech, Galco and many others. Even a simple and inexpensive Fobus holster would have prevented this incident.

Don't put a quality gun in a crappy floppy nylon holster and call it good to go. It's not, and you or others may pay the price as a result.

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