Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back From The 2014 Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight was the annual Daddy Daughter dance, held at a local country club through the Township's Parks and Rec program.

It's a very special night for them where they get to be all dressed up and go out on the town.

Before we left, I presented them each with a corsage for the occasion.

The night is very well done with excellent organization, white tablecloths, great food and good music.

First we checked in and got a photo taken to memorialize the event, and it came out great and will be an excellent keepsake, and nice to compare it to the picture from two years ago.

Then we headed to the buffet line and had some excellent food - various salads. mac and cheese, vegetables, chicken and prime rib.  Then there was jello, chocolate mousse, and cake for dessert.

With the food digested, we hit the dance floor and they got to dance to the latest popular songs along with some that are more popular with the dads.

After dancing, they needed to take a break, and to supplement their strength with Shirley Temples. These were ordered from the bar, with each of them happy to have a properly sophisticated kid's drink.

Then back to the dance floor we went until it was time to go.  On the way out, each kid got a box of chocolates and a little stuffed animal which was a very nice touch.

They had a great time with smiles all around, and are now fast asleep with school awaiting them tomorrow.

They're growing up, but still young enough to have a fun time dancing with their old man and they've created a fresh batch of good memories to save for later.


Scott said...

Oh, I remember those dances. Mine aren't so interested in that now, but they do still like to go shooting with the old man, so I'm happy. Especially since I was never much of a dancer, and my knees have taken away what little skill I used to have in that arena.

You're doing a great thing being involved in their lives like this. It makes it easier (though not easy) later. Keep up the good work!

Murphy's Law said...