Monday, February 24, 2014

There's This Plane That's The King Of CAS, So Of Course The Air Force And DOD Want To Get Rid Of It

The Detroit Free Press: Military spending cuts could affect A-10 aircraft fleet at Selfridge

Yes, they want to retire the most effective ground-support aircraft we've got, and replace it with the unproven F-35 "one-bird-for-all-missions-master-of-none". The not yet ready for prime time F-35, I might add.

Between the excellent payload capacity, loiter time, ability to go low-and-slow and that monster 30 mm Gatling gun, The A-10 is close air support personified.

And they want to get rid of it because CAS isn't a very sexy mission and instead have F-35 jets do it.

Now the F-35 has less loiter time and also costs about ten times as much per aircraft (around $13 million per A-10 compared to $133 million per F-35 aircraft and the cost keeps rising), and we likely won't be able to afford enough of them for the F-35 to be available to perform all the missions for which it is tasked.

You'd think they'd want to keep the A-10s in place at least until the F-35 is a proven quantity and is shown to do the CAS role better than the A-10. As if.

Does anyone really think getting rid of the A-10 is a good idea at this juncture?


Jay Ater said...

Give the A10 to the Army, end the F35 debacle and carry on.

OldAFSarge said...

What Jay said.

If possible, let the Marines have some A-10s too. I'd be willing to bet they'd know what to do with them.

The F-35 is a POS. The USAF has embarrassed me again.