Monday, February 03, 2014

Interesting Archaeological Discovery May Support Chronology For Existence Of King Solomon

An inscription found on a large fragment of an ancient jug of wine may help support the existence of the biblical kingdom of King Solomon.

How does it support it? Well, it is the earliest Hebrew inscription found in Jerusalem - 3,000 years old and that pushes back the existence of the Hebrews in the Holy Land to at least the time of King Solomon. One interpretation of the inscription is that it says "inferior wine" followed by a year of reign marker of either 20 or 30.

Fox News: Message decoded, again: 3,000-year-old text may prove biblical tale of King Solomon

Finding Hebrew writing in Jerusalem dating back to that period is a very important discovery, as there is otherwise little else than the Bible itself to attest to the existence of the Solomonic kingdom.

Hopefully, further excavations will reveal more interesting finds and history can continue to be revised as more facts are found and the proffered explanation for the inscription be confirmed.


Scott said...

They don't have to go to all that trouble - they just have to ask Eddie Parker. He talks to Solomon all the time!

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