Monday, February 03, 2014

Detroit Police Chief Maintains Pro-CPL Stance

Detroit's new Police Chief, unlike many other large-city chiefs, has gone on the record supporting civilian gun ownership and concealed carry.

In fact, he's reiterated his support for it yet again.

The Detroit News: Detroit police chief defends stance on backing citizens carrying guns

He just gave a great public response to an anti-gunner with hysterics recently, and his excellent response is worth reading over at the article.

Thanks Chief. You may not be able to solve all of Detroit's massive crime problems given the resources and problems you've been dealt, but your rational and sensible approach in favor of civilian gun ownership and concealed carry is highly refreshing.


Keads said...

Wow. Good for the Chief!

Aaron said...

Keads: Yep, I'm rather impressed with him and hope he's going to work out much better than his predecessors.