Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oy Puppy 2 - Jett Loses His Jett Pack

It wasn't enough that Jett just got the shave job from hell.

Yesterday, the day came when Jett was scheduled to be taken to the vet and get tutored.

We're going where? To Do What?

The surgery went well, and now his Jett pack is gone.

What the hell kind of tutoring was that? I'm sore and not any smarter! How could you let them do this to me?

At least he doesn't need to wear the Cone of Shame. He's been handling it pretty well and been in a good mood. He's receiving lots of treats.

I still can't believe you let them do this to me, and no, I will not wear that cone!
 However, I couldn't do much to object.

Not only is it the proper thing to do and the appropriate time for it, but Tash warned me that if I objected too strenuously, she was looking into a 2-for-1 special.

Yikes. Better him than me.

Yeah Aaron, if you and Murphy's Law are ever late coming back from the range or trip together again, she told me she's going to arrange that 2-for-1 special for you both.....


ProudHillbilly said...

As if the hair cut wasn't enough...

Aaron said...

PH: Might as well get all the unhappy happenings out of the way at once. He's doing great though and he's his happy normal mellow self.