Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Coming Soon: A Tempting Trigger Treat For The Tavor

As reported by The Firearm Blog, at the SHOT show, three manufacturers announced they are coming out with improved replacement Tavor trigger packs.

I really don't mind the trigger on my Tavor, and Murphy's Law didn't have any complaints either.

But, the thought of a 4.5 lb Tavor trigger pack, that you can simply swap into place, no fuss, no muss, is a darn tempting improvement indeed.


Jay Ater said...

Struggling to keep a drop in trigger in the "want" column and out of the "NEEEED!!!!!" column.

I don't mind the stocker much but curios to see just how much better they make it.

Jay Ater said...
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Aaron said...

I know. Can't wait to see them when they're out in production. If it's really a 4.5 lb crisp pull, one of the few complaints made about the Tavor will be fading away fast.