Monday, February 17, 2014

Dearbon Democrat Caught Ducking Taxes

Representative Rashida Tlaib has been mentioned on this blog before, and she's now making an appearance for some tax problems, namely having two principal residence exemptions.

You're only supposed to have one.

Of course, she blames not herself as much as the

“broken” property tax system that allowed her and her husband to double-claim principal residences in both cities, lowering their annual tax bill on the rental house in Dearborn by 18 mills and shortchanging the Dearborn School District by about $350 annually.

As reported in The Detroit news: Tlaib blames 'broken' system for failure to pay Dearborn school taxes

This is rather nonsense, when you buy a house as a primary residence you have to affirmatively file a primary residence exemption and you're supposed to file the removal of the old one from your prior residence. This isn't unknown to home-buyers and Tlaib as both an attorney and politician knew or should have known this. It's not rocket science, and the instructions on the exemption form are very clear.

For 5 years she saved about $1,750 in taxes having her rental listed as a primary residence.

Democrat politicians and taxes just don't seem to go well together in the Detroit area.

After all, taxes are for the little people, not for Detroit-area Democrat politicians.

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Old NFO said...

Of course it will all be swept under the rug...