Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Detroit PD's ND With M&P Now With Even More WTD?

Details of the Detroit police officer's firearm's negligent discharge leading to a lady's fatality at a party are getting curiouser and curiouser:

The Detroit Free Press: Police: Party-goer was on her knees dancing when officer's holstered gun went off

Adaisha Miller was on her knees while dancing behind an off-duty Detroit police officer early Sunday when his holstered gun fired, striking her in the chest, a police official familiar with the investigation told the Free Press today.

The official said that explains how Miller was shot in the chest while dancing behind Officer Isaac Parrish during a fish fry early Sunday at his home on Archdale.

The official said the angle of the gunshot is possible because Miller was not standing and described it as some type of "exotic dance" where Miller, 24, was tugging at Parrish’s waist.

Wayne County Medical Examiner Carl Schmidt said his office can't tell the position Miller was in when she was shot but said the police version could have happened. Schmidt said the gun's muzzle was pointed downward in such a way that the bullet went into Miller's chest and came out of her back at a lower point.

"The angle was slightly downward," he said of the findings of an autopsy conducted Monday


The early investigation shows the holster Parrish was using may have allowed the trigger of his gun to be "manipulated" while the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 was stored.

Certainly a strange situation, and the family claims it occurred differently:

Yolanda McNair, Miller's mother, said she was told by witnesses Sunday that her daughter and Parrish were side-by-side and her daughter put her arm around Parrish as she got a birthday hug from him when the gun went off.

However, the family's witness story makes the situation even stranger and more unlikely. If they were side by side as described, how did the gun in an IWB holster pointing downward have a shot that could have then angled downward from his waist level be able to strike her in the chest?

Very strange, and the investigative report should prove very interesting indeed.

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