Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dive 219 - Into The Warm Soup

Yesterday Jeremy and I met up at Union lake for an evening dive.

The water was wonderfully warm - 84 degrees at the surface, 77 at about 15 feet and 66 degrees past the thermocline at around 22 feet plus all the way to the bottom.

Absolutely wonderful temperatures for the lake and it sure beats freezing I can tell you that.

On the downside, visibility was sucky with an extra serving of suckitude.

Massive amounts of particulate was in the water, stirred up by the boats and especially the idiots on jet skies, and one jet ski idiot in particular that kept going around and around in circles above us - thanks much fella!

Nothing like a constant hi-speed engine sound above you to remind you to keep your buoyancy in line and stay at depth.

In addition, there was massive aquatic plant growth so the combined effects reduced visibility to 2-3 feet and the water had the appearance of pea-green soup.

What the heck, it was a dive and it was wet and warm so it was good.

However, it was to be a short dive, lasting only 28 minutes.

Both of Jeremy's regulators started continuous bubbling and no underwater repair attempts fixed the issue so the dive was called.

We made our way back to the entry point, had a short and comfy safety stop in the 77 degree water at 20 feet and slowly ascended and departed.

Hopefully the next dive will be longer, and if these temperatures continue and the visibility improves it is going to be a great diving season.


Scott said...

So you're welcoming this global warming thing, I'm guessing!

Aaron said...

Yep, I'll take this incidence of nice hot weather and enjoy every bit of it while it lasts.

NotClauswitz said...

I like to snorkel but the coastal water here is f-f-freezing AND opaque from kelp-beds, so I prefer Hawaii where the visibility is good!