Sunday, July 08, 2012

One Hot Match On A Hot Range

Today was the monthly USPSA match at my local club.

I had volunteered to help setup the match yesterday in what was a scorcher of a day. So I sweated heavily for three hours helping to setup the stages in the over 100 degree sunny weather. I was drenched in sweat long before it was time to go.

Today the weather was mercifully cooler but still in the low 90s. The match was well attended with about 50 shooters taking part.

The stages were challenging and a lot of fun with one classifier. There was one all steel stage that was a blast to shoot.

The Glock 17 functioned flawlessly and I had a pretty decent match and hopefully I did well enough in the classifier stage to move up a level, but we'll see how it goes.

As usual, everyone was friendly and everyone pitched in to make the math move smoothly by resetting steel and pasting targets.

It was a great match.

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