Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There's Gold Coins In Them Thar Pot Shards!

And A New hoard of Medieval Gold coins worth as much as half a million dollars is found in Israel:

Gold coins from time of Crusades found in Israeli ruins

Israeli archaeologists have found buried treasure: more than 100 gold dinal coins from the time of the Crusades, bearing the names and legends of local sultans, blessings and more -- and worth as much as $500,000.

The joint team from Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority were working at Appollonia National Park, an ancient Roman fortress on the coast used by the Crusaders between 1241 and 1265, when they literally found a pot of gold.

“All in all, we found some 108 dinals and quarter dinals, which makes it one of the largest gold coin hauls discovered in a medieval site in the land of Israel,” Prof. Oren Tal, chairman of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Archaeology, told

Most likely buried by the crusaders during the Muslim siege of Appollonia, the coins remained hidden until the present day. Very cool.

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