Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Guns: Sensible News And Infantile Freep

As Say Uncle often says, we're winning.

I thought I'd never see it but the Detroit News, even in the face of the atrocity of Aurora has come out with an editorial that actually defends private ownership of firearms including "Assault weapons".

The Detroit News: In defense of the maligned assault weapon

Well written and well reasoned, Nolan Finley wrote a fine editorial indeed.

It truly wasn't long ago when the Detroit News editors' knees would have jerked along with most of the MSM in calling for banning guns after such a massacre by an insane individual.

Jerked much like the response of the Detroit Free Press for example.

In another sign that we're winning the debate, we get a stereotype-filled editorial cartoon and content-free editorial sniping by Mike Thompson:

Mike Thompson: Post-Aurora shootings gun control debate

Accompanying the cartoon and wacky emotion driven and fact free rant below it is a truly infantile "survey", that you can actually vote on and feel like a real sophisticated bien-pensant!:

The reason most likely to be given by National Rifle Association members when arguing for private ownership of assault weapons is:
a) Ninjas ! Why, they can be ANYWHERE!
b) The zombie apocalypse is coming, mark my word!
c) The Mayans were right! Just wait until December when all he_ _ breaks loose!
d) That Charles Bronson "Death Wish" movie was actually a documentary!

Nice, the thoughtful editorial equivalent of "neener-neener" that we've come to expect form Thompson and the Freep on firearms.

Sadly, he neglected to add choice e:

e) Because I can, so F you, Mr. Thompson, you hoplophobic pissant. That's why.

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