Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Glorious 4th

Yesterday we had planned for a small group of friends to come over and celebrate the 4th with a backyard grilling extravaganza.

Unfortunately we went to sleep before midnight so I missed the text that the group would be diving at 9:30 am on the time more notice guys.

So we slept in till 9:00, I awoke and saw the text, realized there was no way I would make it and went off to brew some coffee.

We then started cleaning the house and outside and preparing for the guests.

This involved cleaning the outdoor table and getting all the accumulated leaves and debris cleared off the front and back porches and I decided it would also be good to get some of the leaves and stuff out of the gutters considering it was calling for thunderstorms.

The day was truly hot and humid - 97+ degrees and what felt like 100% humidity, so I was well soaked by the time we were done.

Then I changed and prepared some burger patties from some freshly ground beast and awaited the guests.

The guests arrived and we had a good time, even though it was too hot and humid to eat outside.

So we ate inside and had delectable burgers, hot dogs, kielbasa and nice sides and desserts.

Then around 6:30 or so it started storming quite heavily.

Luckily, it cleared up around 8:30 which after having fully soaked the ground gave us time and a safe opportunity to do some fireworks for the kids - bottle rockets, ground blooms, sparklers and salutes - the kids loved it and it was nice that it was legal to do so this year.

It's always a positive thing when the law is actually in accord with what everyone is already doing.

I'm sure that many in Michigan were sad that people were responsibly having fun with fireworks, but too bad for them and their sad state of existence.

Next year we'll do some more serious fireworks as the kids want to see some good stuff.

Then it thunder-stormed yet again throughout the night and we awoke to find the clocks had been reset due to a power outage - oops.

So we rushed out all discombobulated and I'm right back to work, feeling like its a Monday somehow.

On with the week and I hope your 4th was as fine as mine.

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