Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Michigan Example Of Criminal Chutzpah

The customary English definition of the good Yiddish term chutzpah is that after you kill your parents, you plead for mercy because you're now an orphan. That's chutzpah. So, Tia Skinner, who was mad at her adoptive parents for not letting her go out with a certain boy, plots with the boy to kill her parents. She succeeds in killing the father and puts the mother in hospital with 25 stab wounds. Convicted of her crimes she's now appealing her life sentence. Why? According to the Detroit Free Press:

She is appealing on the grounds that she was interviewed by police as a minor without parental consent and had ineffective counsel.

That's chutzpah all-right.

I'd expect the Court of Appeals will find there's a necessity or impossibility waiver on that rule when you're the one who tried to do your parents in, and in fact got one killed and the other hospitalized and unavailable to be present to grant the consent, or there damn well ought to be.

Even more incredibly, she's upset that her family is not standing by her:

Since being sent to a state prison near Ann Arbor, Tia Skinner said she has not heard from her mother, her siblings or anyone else from the close-knit Yale community near Port Huron.

"It's been rough. It's hard losing your whole family in a blink of an eye," she said. "It's tough because that's my family; they're supposed to stay by you through thick and thin."

Talk about your narcissistic personality disorder writ large. It is all about her, isn't it?

Excuse me murderess, but you just tried to kill off your family. It's kinds unbelievably hard to expect them to stick by you when you plotted to stick them with knives. Just saying.

The story is also well commented upon by Murphy's Law, who saw the story before I did.

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