Thursday, July 19, 2012

Terrorist Attack In Bulgaria Has A Michigan Connection

The bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria is looking more and more like a Hezballah operation. Vehicle bombings are their stock-in-trade and it's even more so now that there's a Michigan tie-in.

Bulgaria bombing suspect had fake Michigan ID

A lanky, long-haired man wearing a baseball cap and plaid shorts with a fake Michigan driver's license carried out a deadly suicide attack on a bus full of Israeli vacationers, Bulgarian officials said Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the attack on Iranian-backed Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shiite Muslim guerrilla group, and threatened retaliation. Seven people — five Israelis, the Bulgarian driver and the bomber — died in the blast Wednesday. .... Officials were using DNA samples to try to establish his identity. Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov told reporters that a Michigan driver's license was retrieved, but he said U.S. officials reported that "there was no such person in their database." Michigan is home to one of the largest Arab communities in the U.S.

And the support for Hezballah is very heavy in Dearborn, and the probability of them supporting such an operation is very high indeed. In fact, as noted by Debbie Schlussel it was 18 years ago to the day of this bombing a Hezballah suicide bomber with family ties to Dearborn was one of the suicide bombers in the attack on the AMIA Jewish Friends center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Iran and Hezballah are certainly stepping up their terrorist attacks, and this is going to get ugly if it is allowed to continue without any effective retaliation.

Update: As pointed out by Proud Hillbilly in the comments, the bomber is a released inmate of Gitmo. So much for the narrative that they're all a bunch of poor inocents locked up there. Debbie Schlussel has a lot more on this scumbag and how he happened to be set free to kill again.

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ProudHillbilly said...

And bomber was a former Gitmo detainee. Proof that "former" should not happen.