Saturday, July 07, 2012

That's One Way To Wake Up, But Seriously Not Recommended

The Detroit Free Press: Man on shrooms shoots self in head to wake up from bad trip

A teen who ate mushrooms and drank a tea made from the fungi shot himself in the forehead so he could wake up from a nightmare he said he was having while awake ... He said after he shot himself he didn't wake up from the bad dream. [He] tried to clean the blood that got on the carpet, wrapped a bandage around his head and walked outside. He saw a man who he asked to take him to the hospital.

According to the Dayton Beach News-Journal, the idiot shot himself right smack in the forehead with a .22 rifle.

Attempted improvised self-inflicted lobotomies are just not a good way to end a bad drug trip, nor any other trip for that matter.

Sadly, the news reports all failed to state if the bullet fully mushroomed.

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