Sunday, February 05, 2012

Total Firearms' Indoor Glock Match - The February Session

Today was the February Glock Indoor League match at Total Firearms. I ended up with a 434-19X with the Glock 17 and a 462-19x with the 19. Interesting how I did slightly worse with both than the results in January. Again just as in January, I shot better with the Glock 19.

With the Glock 19, I almost had a clean target on the first 30 round relay which included firing at 30, 21 and 15 feet, dropping one round just out of the 10 ring and into the 8. Drat. Weak hand shooting again seems to be my downfall, especially at the 50 foot distance onj the second target. I need to get out to the range sometime before the March match and practice, not to mention some consistent dry-fire practice with the SIRT.

Rumor has it someone at the match yesterday shot a perfect 500 score. That would be a challenge worth pursuing.

Again as in January, the match was run in a friendly and efficient manner. I'm going to see if I can top these scores at the March match.

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