Friday, February 03, 2012

On The Latest OWSer DC Tasing Spectacle

There's quite a lengthy discussion at The Volokh Conspiracy regarding the tasing of an Occupy protester by US Park Police in Washington, D.C. The discussion then goes on in a further posting. The discussion ranges from the tasing being fully justified to the opposite extreme with the usual suspects decrying such as evil police brutality and torture.

The video linked by the Volokh Conspiracy, being uploaded by the OWSers does not, of course, show the beginning of the events.

There is another and longer video again by the OWSers, that captures the event from a different angle. This video gives a tiny bit more of the prior actions and a lot more of the later events. Viewing it provides even more evidence that the police did act appropriately.

Adding to the fun, in this longer video, after the tasing, Mr. Outraged Pajamas at 5mins 12s takes a fake dive worthy of a professional Soccer player. The dive certainly seems pre-planned and coordinated with the other demonstrators for further street theater effect.

The dive is well worth watching for a laugh, and provides evidence that not only does the loudmouth have no employable skills, he also lacks even base acting skills.

It's also fun to hear both the faux outrage and all the tough talk from the OWSers as the guy is being arrested.

With the attitudes being displayed and the multiple threats towards the Park Police made by the OWSers at MacPherson Park, more well-deserved tasings in the future are all but guaranteed.

Anyone up for a "Pizza for Park Police" program for their doing a great job?

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