Monday, February 27, 2012

Now That Was A Peculiar Voicemail.....

A voicemail was awaiting my arrival at the office this morning.

Received at 5:30 am, it was from a former student of mine at law school.

Apparently he was arrested for public intoxication.

Why he decided to call me is rather unclear.

It is really quite questionable as to what if anything I could actually accomplish from Michigan had he even been able to contact me, aside from finding him a local attorney actually admitted to practice law in Texas to defend him.

I suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in his choice of phone call recipient.

So I called the number back and spoke to the friendly and polite law enforcement officials in Flower Mound, TX, who told me that Mr. Student was being transported to go before the judge regarding bail and was not available to talk at the moment.

Here's a few friendly bits of advice to pass on concerning such situations:

  1. Flower Mound, TX has a police department, and a jail too.
  2. Don't be publicly intoxicated to the extent that you are noticed and arrested by the Flower Mound Police (or your local police as your location may vary) for public intoxication.
  3. Local attorneys are useful in these situations and good to know.
  4. Using your one phone call to reach an attorney who is in a different time zone and over 1,200 miles away from the location of your predicament is really not helpful.
  5. Finally, it's going to be hard to pass the Bar if you can't pass the bar, so know your limits.

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