Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moving People To Distraction and Deficit - Detroit's Blue Model Transit In Action

Michigan Capitol Confidential in Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy helps explain how we got into this mess - decades of liberal mismanagement and a blue model that sucked the air out of the system.

The Detroit Free Press also recently looked at the economics of the People Mover:
People Mover ridership down, but revenue up after fare hike

The ticket to ride The People Mover, know colloquially and colorfully around here as The Mugger Mover, increased from 50 cents to 75 cents. This was the first increase since it began operation in 1987.

Fares did not go up for 25 years! No increases for 25 years and they wonder why it costs far more to operate than the revenues it receives and needs a massive ongoing subsidy?

The People Mover as it moves in circles and guzzles subsidies.

Even with the increase, the fare still only covers 10% of the cost of operating the People Mover, leaving the few remaining taxpayers in Detroit and environs to cover the difference.

The People Mover has a 2.9 mile long single track costing over $12 million to operate annually, with a constant budget deficit, and costs $3.00 per every passenger trip of which the passenger now pays a princely sum of 75 cents.

That's your blue state model in action right there.

But not to worry, the same people that brought you The People Mover boondoggle now promise to do it more and harder and more enthusiastically.

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