Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Primary Day in Michigan

And it is Primary Day in Michigan, and I'm just not very enthusiastic.

A day where Romney and Santorum are neck and neck, Newt's running third and barely making a showing.

The Republican electorate is sadly wondering if this is truly the best candidates we've got to face off with Obama. Considering that only an incompetent idiot could lose to Obama the Republicans happily went out and created a primary full of 'em.

On top of these woes, expect the Michigan Dems to come out and vote for whoever they want to act as a spoiler candidate and cause Republicans the most embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul has locked up the coveted Neo-Nazi and Islamist (Shi'ite branch) endorsements.

Well, I'm off to vote after work. A dismaying set of candidates all.....

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