Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michigan's Puzzling Primary Picks, Pranks, Punts and Punks

The Detroit News has an interesting article on Michigan's primary weirdness.

And weird this state is in regards to its primary picks. After all, this is the state that selected George Wallace as the Democrat Presidential nominee and then 16 years later nominated Jesse Jackson to win. We're a weird primary state all right.

And on the choices for Republican presidential candidate, the Detroit News shows the state's electorate lacks a sterling record for picking a winner in that contest as well, especially when opportunities arise for Democrats to cross the floor and pull an R-labeled lever for whoever they think can be most easily beaten or cause embarrassment.

The Detroit News: Michigan's quirky primaries

Adding to the weirdness, both the The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press have announced their endorsements for Romney.

The Free Press only endorses him conditionally - the condition being he goes back to the moderate RINO he was before his latest incarnation now running for president. Oh joy.

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