Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act of Valor - More Than Well Worth Your Movie Dollar

I just saw Act of Valor today.

I recommend it highly. Its a nice change from the typical anti-American and anti-US military fare that Hollywood has been passing out the last few years.

For those worried that using actual Navy Seals as actors would somehow diminish the quality of the film, that can be put to rest. The Seals put on a finer performance than quite a number of current "stars" today that I could name.

The action was realistic - there were plenty of magazine changes, guns didn't fire hundreds of rounds without reloading and there was actual use of cover. It was also intense and it leaves you thankful that these guys are on our side and that they can do what they can do.

The ending of the movie was very powerful indeed. The movie patrons emptied out very quietly after the conclusion - see it and you'll understand why.

So without giving any spoilers away, go and see it. It is one of the few movies that is worth shelling out money at the box office to see on the big screen. In addition, good box office receipts would tell Hollywood that there is a market for realistic action films that depict our troops in a pro-American, positive light.

Update: According to Jamie Wearing Fools, Act of Valor is doing very, very, well at the box office. In fact, its opening weekend take exceeded each one of the Hollywood anti-military films of the past few years. Excellent.


Tango Juliet said...

I heartily agree! Amazing men.

Home on the Range said...

I would going to say TJ recommended it, but then I saw his comment. I don't do many movies, but this one I'll make a trip for. Thanks!.

Aaron said...

It is worth seeing.

Heck, I'm contemplating going to the theater to see it again.