Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Condition White Often Leads To Condition Pancake

Not paying attention may cause you to miss the train, but not paying attention won't cause the train won't miss you.

The Detroit Free Press: Police to review video from train that struck 14-year-old boy in Wyandotte

The teen, who was wearing an iPod and headphones, was struck by an 86-car cargo train going 28 m.p.h. as he walked down the center of the tracks, Grant said.

The whistle on the train blew several times. Police said they aren’t sure if Marion heard it before he was struck near Oak and 9th streets.

The train’s engineer pulled the emergency brakes but couldn’t stop in time, Grant said.
As has been noted often before, trains are large and have a lot of mass that takes a considerable amount of time and distance to stop and are not to be taken lightly, nor ignored.

Apparently you can miss a train approaching you at 28 miles per hour when you've got your head in your iPod. Amazingly, the kid has survived so far and is in what is described as "very serious condition".

Let's hope the kid makes a full recovery and comes out the wiser for the experience and without permanent damage.

Pay attention out there people.

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God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

We just had a 19 year-old man killed in a town near us by a train... while he walked along with his iPod's earbuds firmly planted in his head...

Hmmm... there's a sheepdog lesson in there somewhere...

Dann in Ohio