Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Driver TRAINing Required

I've mentioned before that attempting to beat a train at a railway crossing typically ends badly.

Toss in a teenager who was suspended and shouldn't even be driving and 4 friends along for their last ride and tragedy results.

Note the mangled remains of what used to be a Ford Fusion.

In reading the Detroit Free Press column by Rochelle Riley Opportunities missed to stop driver in car-train crash she points out that this particular driver was no stranger to lousy driving habits, and indeed was a habitual "driving while suspended" driver. He had a history of being arrested for driving suspended. Oh, and he was suspended while driving this time as well.

Of course if he had nailed himself that would be some darwinism in action. Unfortunately and unforgivably, he took out a 19 year old, a 14 year old, a 17 year old, and a 21 year old - and I can almost bet that none of them knew he was driving suspended or that he royally sucked as a driver.

Once again, trying to dodge a train to save a few minutes is riddiculously stupid and threatening to your health and your passengers. Do Not Do This. It Is Not Worth It.

Sadly it is not enough being a safe driver anymore, you have to worry about idiots like this on the road, and anyone you get into the car with as a passenger.

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Murphy's Law said...

So I have to ask, WTF was his mom doing letting him use her car? I know that she denies knowing that his license was suspended, but she had to know...and she sure as hell knew that he was a piss-poor driver. she should be sued into a homeless shelter.

And WTF was a 14 year old girl doing riding around in a car full of 17-21 year olds? Again, where are the parents and what's wrong with them?

The driver was a dumbass and deserved to die just on general Darwinistic principle. The other adults made their own choices when they got in his car, but a 14 year old child? That's totally on her sorry excuse for parents.