Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snakes on a Mother-Frickin' SUV

Driver tells Conn. police snakes led to SUV crash
Police say a driver blamed a car crash in Hartford, Conn., on two pet baby snakes that he said escaped from his pants pockets as he was driving.

Hartford police Sgt. Christene Mertes says Angel Rolon, of New Britain, claimed he lost control of his SUV on Monday when the snakes slithered near the gas and brake pedals and he and a passenger tried to catch them. The SUV veered into some parked cars and overturned.
I think this deserves its own attempted-Darwin award category.

Snakes kept in pants pocket - a winner all by itself, gives a whole new meaning to the term "trouser snake".

he keeps them unsecured in the pocket from which they escape while he's driving and then he crashes the vehicle - How did Darwin miss this guy?

The snakes were not found nor available for comment after the accident but it is rumored one of the snakes said as it was slithering away from the scene -
"Ssstupid Ssschmuck!"

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