Thursday, July 16, 2009

Florida multiple assailant home invasion raises the stakes

Prominently featured in the national news, The murder of the Billings in Florida, who were by all known accounts extraordinarily decent and good people, by 7 criminals in a home invasion and robbery is certainly something to ponder.

It is also interesting to note that many of the criminals are described as "day laborers" one wonders if this is a polite euphamism for illegal aliens.

7 criminals involved at once? Yikes! Especially since the attackers carefully planned the attack for 30days, used two cars and entered in ninja gear.

Thankfully, that even as the criminals attacked with a great deal of practice and precision they messed up and have been apprehended because - they forgot or failed to disable the security cameras. Good thing criminals are dumb and the police have caught these killers quite nicely and are rolling them up in good order.

Now, the relative risk of this sort of organized multiple attacker home invasion is pretty low, given criminal activity in general and especially since most people, myself included are at a much lower income level and are much less interesting apparently than were the Billings.

However, it is certainly time to consider revisions to the home defense plan.

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Scott said...

General Ponderings:

1. Good thing your lovely wife isn't afraid to sling a little lead.

2. Given multiple miscreants, would you rather have 16 9mm, 12 .40 S&W, or 9 .45acp in your gun? Assuming quality hollow-points for all. (I know, an LCP in the hand beats nothing in the hand).

3. I have often wondered about a loaded shotgun on a couple of hooks just above the closet door inside the bedroom closet. Child proofing and "when no one is home" security have prevented me thus far.

4. I may also consider swapping a 16 round mag into the carry gun at night, replacing the 13 rounder I carry in it. Am I overthinking now?

5. I wonder how much a 2" steel plate bedroom door would cost? ;-)