Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In other crime news - Documents found after 2 year delay in Virginia Tech case

In the Virginia tech shooing, portions of the perpretrator's psych records have finally located after 2 years - in the home of the university clinic's former director

Va. Tech gunman's mental health records found

This is of course quite against the clinic regulations for patient records to be at the clinic director's home. One wonders what may be hidden within the records -- probably how the clnic and/or University failed to effectively treat or recognize the problem until Cho went on his killing spree, or perhaps there are unheeded warnings within.

Early intervention for mentally disturbed people would be much more effective in preventing mass killings than gun control. But of course such action takes more work, dilligence and costs, and thus is often overlooked instead of the feel-good urge to "do something" after a mass killing with the something typically being some gun control measure or another.

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