Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day

To all my Canadian Readers - Happy Canada Day!

To all my felow Americans who have no idea what Canada Day is about here's a quick primer on the customs of our neighbor to the north on this day:

1. Canada Day, known commonly as "Eh Day" (the appropriate greeting from one Canadian to another on Canada Day is "Nice Day Eh?") was officialy proclaimed in 1982 in a fit of understated Canadian nationalism. Actually it was passed in a panic that most non-North Americans couldn't tell America and Canada apart and that Canadians were watching too many American TV shows and listening to too many American musicians and that simply wouldn't do.

2. Canada Day is when hundreds of Canadians pour out into the streets in a very orderly fashion, line up to watch government-run fireworks shows, and chant (quietly) in unison "We're not Americans, We're not Americans, eh." (always one Canadian, typically from Newfoundland then pipes up and says you mean were not? - shush.) This is followed by singing O Canada, again, quietly.

3. This is followed by an understated chant of "We have Universal healthcare, we have legislated bilingualism, we have French on cereal boxes, we have gun control, we have Alanis Morrisette, so we have a distinct culture really we do, neener, neener, neener."

4. Americans visiting Canada during Canada Day should be warned that seeing an American license plate on this day turns many a Canadian quite daft. They're likely to pour maple syrup into your radiator when you're not looking. You have been warned.

Happy Canada Day!

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Scott said...

You also have Celene Dion, and the MacKenzie Brothers. More cultural richness, there.

But this is one American who can sing "O Canada" from memory (at least the first verse! Are there more verses?)