Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saying "Catch Me if You Can" to Police is Never a Winning Idea

Alleged murderer, arsonist taunts cops
"Catch me if you can."

That was the message David Edward Metzoian had for police after he allegedly confessed to murdering his girlfriend Monday night and then setting fire to the bar in which they both worked.


"It was a brief conversion," [Police Chief] Alderman said. "Basically he said, 'Catch me if you can.' And we're going to catch him."

1 Day Later . . . . .

Police catch up with suspect in River Rouge slaying, bar fire
A nationwide manhunt ended Tuesday for an ex-con suspected of stabbing his girlfriend to death in a River Rouge bar Monday night, setting the place on fire and then taunting cops.

David Edward Metzoian was arrested in southeast Kentucky, Pike County Deputy Jailer Chris Mitchem said Tuesday night.

Draw your own conclusions on the impressively pure stupidity of committing a crime and then taunting the police to come and get you, putting yourself on the radar of every police officer out there. It kinda puts you on their "person of extreme interest" list now doesn't it? (Mind you, his early parole for 2nd degree murder, making him free and available to kill his ex-girlfriend probably wasn't the best decision either).

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