Thursday, July 16, 2009

Media beginning to wake up to the One

In Obama gets busy shifting the wealth The Detroit News editor Nolan Finley laments:
This goes beyond noblesse oblige. It's coerced charity. And it reflects Obama's strategy of using the tax code to smooth out the differences between rich, middle class and poor.

That approach won't result in better lifestyles for everyone. Rather, most people will have less when the government takes everybody's money, throws it into a pot and spoons it back out on its own whims.
Joe the Plumber called it right. Obama's redistributionist ideology is un-American. We should have asked more questions.

Welcome to the party pal. Thanks so much for that sudden realization. Too bad you and your fellows compatriots in the MSM skipped the questions when they could have made a difference -- you know, before the election. Thanks so much.

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