Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Dive Location To Add To The Diving Bucket List: The Dead Sea

Diving where few men have dived before

What's more, Bresler runs tours for extreme diving fans in the cloudy Dead Sea.

"The water is warm but it's as if you're in the Antarctic. Everything is white; it looks like you're diving in ice. The water glitters because of all the salt. It really is another world," Bresler tells ISRAEL21c.

The Dead Sea has always been one of Israel's most popular destinations. It is the lowest point on Earth and a place renowned for its vistas, healing powers and natural beauty.
There's a few cool pictures at the link and it gives a neat description of the extra weight requirements for diving the saline intense Dead Sea.

I remember many years ago effortlessly floating in the Dead Sea while sitting upright due to its the high mineral content - you certainly can't sink or dive it unless you add a lot of lead weight.

I also vividly remember how the salts in the water found every single cut and scratch that day.

To think that you can now have an opportunity to dive it now is just plain cool.

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Scott said...

Wow! You'd be washing salt out of your equipment for a month after that! It would be pretty cool, though.