Friday, February 17, 2012

Detroit Free Press in Freefall Because Santorum Owned An Audi In 2008!

The Liberal MSM digs deep for any flaw: The Detroit Free Press: Santorum drove Audi A6 in 2008, tax returns show

Rick Santorum preaches Made in America, but, according to his tax returns, he was driving a German-made luxury car just a few years back.

Santorum, now vying with Mitt Romney for frontrunner status nationwide and leading in the race to win the Feb. 28 Republican presidential primary in Michigan, has made American manufacturing a major theme of his campaign. He has called for tax breaks for U.S. manufacturers and one section of his campaign website is called “Made in America: Empowering American Families, Building Economic Freedom.”

But his 2008 tax return, released along with three other years Wednesday night, showed he was started driving an Audi A6 that year as part of his consulting business, putting nearly 12,000 miles on the car. He claimed $241 in depreciation on his assets that year. The website Politico posted the tax returns Wednesday evening.

The Horror! The Horror!

Wow, Santorum claims in 2012 to be in favor of a "Made in America" agenda and the best Politico and the Freep can dig up is that he operated an Audi for part of a year in 2008? For this Politico and The Freep get a case of the vapors? Do they think potential Republican supporters are dumb enough to even consider this a factor in voting for or against him in any way?

Maybe for a Democrat UAW worker it might be enough to tip the scales, and given that's the Freep's main audience......

Yes, Santorum showed up in Michigan today so an attempt to besmirch him must be made. Finding there was a foreign automobile that he drove for a portion of a year -- 4 years ago -- is in the minds of these media giants apparently the hot news to sink his primary campaign here.

This certainly shows the disconnect between the media and the average Republican, not to mention the average American.

Great Ghu, with all the potential things that there is not to like about Rick Santorum's Big Government Social Conservative agenda the best The Freep and Politico can do is this?


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

You might get a "kick" out of this 1965 promotional film for Detroit's failed olympics bid...

My, oh my... how far it has fallen...

Dann in Ohio

Aaron said...

Very Cool! Thanks for finding it and letting me know about it.